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Meet Spring Day, star of November's Big Comedy Kiss show

How did you get into stand-up comedy?

I was fresh out of university and had just been fired on my first day of work at a small company I had moved countries to work for. I was living in a hostel while interviewing at 30+ other companies and figuring out my next move when I saw an ad for a comedy open mic night nearby and decided I was ready for more rejection before signing up to do my first 5-minute spot.

Where do you get your inspiration for your material?

The pain of realizing how stupid I am. For example, on paper, I am 155cm tall— in my head, I am a giant. When I look in the mirror, I am genuinely surprised not to see Vin Diesel staring back at me every single day.

How do you deal with hecklers or a tough audience?

Growing up in America surrounded by people with mental illness and no access to the health care they need has prepared me well to deal with hecklers. I gather the health care system in Switzerland is pretty good so I'm assuming the hecklers there are foreign. If someone doesn't like my material, that's fine. At least I've given them something new to complain about with their partner on the way home. I'm just here to help.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you've had on stage?

When I did Live at the Apollo, I wanted my Dad, who lives in the States, at the show but knew it would be too overwhelming for him since— like most Americans— he doesn't travel internationally. I leaned into my hometown accent more than I usually do and sounded just Dad for a lot of the set. My husband likes to congratulate my Dad on 'his great set at the Apollo' but my Dad is too proud to admit he doesn't know what my husband is talking about and just says, ‘Thank you'.

What's been the highlight of your career as a stand-up comedian so far?

Performing to a crowd that is larger than the town I grew up in.

Do you already have an impression of Switzerland and the Swiss, if so what is it?

There was a photographer from Switzerland that lived in the same hostel I lived in who claimed Tina Turner and David Bowie were, at some point, his neighbours. He claimed to see them all the time at the farmers' market and would say things to them like, 'Hi David...nice carrots!'

I also remember reading Charlie Chaplin's family first tried to turn his house into a museum years ago, but his quiet-loving neighbours did their best to shut the plan down.

From that, I got the impression that Switzerland was fancy but didn't like to make a fuss about itself.

If you had to choose a favourite city, Zurich or Basel?

I will forever choose the city with the best public transportation even if that means I'm more likely to be lost in a tourist trap because I can't drive. I don't like to judge cities; I prefer to judge parents who ask their toddler what they want to eat at a restaurant for dinner expecting a coherent answer.

How do you see more of Spring?

Come see her headline our premier show "The Big Comedy Kiss with Spring Day" on the 30th November in Basel and 1st December in Zurich.

Can't make it?

Check her out here on YouTube or find further shows via her website

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