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Meet Helen Bauer, the star headliner of March's Big Comedy Kiss show

Our headline comedian Helen Bauer

How did you get into stand-up comedy?

I started in the most classic way, I am so basic it hurts. I was 24, I had my heart broken by a guy I was in love with who was never in love with me (classic) and moved to Berlin. I wanted to talk about it but its hard to make friends with Germans through Trauma bonding so I figured I could talk it on stage.

Where do you get your inspiration for your material?

Art, like a really good art gallery. (COULD YOU IMAGINE) honestly through my friends and family just watching all of us is enough for me.

How do you deal with hecklers or a tough audience?

Just burst into tears so they feel guilty.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you've had on stage?

o many, I wish it could be the amazing shows that stick in your head! Like doing Live at The Apollo but no, its always when I fall over or choke on air!

What's been the highlight of your career as a stand-up comedian so far?

Anytime I show up in a new city and my audience is there, that is magic. Just seeing your people and making the all laugh is just so magical and I don't think will ever be boring!

Do you already have an impression of Switzerland and the Swiss, if so what is it?

Clean, it is so clean. I have been once before for shows and it was the most gorgeous place. I cannot wait to come back and try and find the dirty corner of Switzerland because you must have one and I need to see it.

If you had to choose a favourite city, Zurich or Basel?

Let us just avoid this drama and say Winterthur. The true gem of Switzerland.

How do you see more of Helen?

Come see her healine our premier show "The Big Comedy Kiss with Helen Bauer" on the 23rd March in Zurich.

Helen and the other comedians from the show
The Big Comedy Kiss with Helen Bauer

Can't make it?

Check him out here on youtube or find further shows via her website.

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