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Meet Charles Nguela, guest opener for March's Big Comedy Kiss show

Our guest opener Charles Nguela

How did you get into stand-up comedy?

After a long relationship, I was sitting in a bar with friends, a little bit drunk, talking loud about relationships, and as I walked out, a lady walked out behind me and asked if I could get booked and because I was a little bit tipsy I thought she meant I was a call boy, but she actually thought I was a comedian. My friends found it funny and sent me to a Open Mic. And I fell in lobe with the game.

Where do you get your inspiration for your material?

I get a lot of material from my family and friends. I guess I’m surrounded by a variety of weird, smart and crazy people.

How do you deal with hecklers or a tough audience?

I usually diss their mothers and let them know not to f#ck with me! No I’m just kidding I’ll try to distance myself and try to get out of the situation as soon as possible but if they want beef they can get it.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you've had on stage?

As I was making a joke about one of my teachers and she was literally sitting in the third row. I haven’t seen her for years, so it was funny that our roles have changed and she was not listening to me.

What's been the highlight of your career as a stand-up comedian so far?

I guess one of the most memorable moments of the ones where we go out into the mountains and have a show every year in December. We always go there, so I have more than one memory, memory of me being up there but I love every single one of those trips.

Do you already have an impression of Switzerland and the Swiss, if so what is it?

Yeah I do. The Swiss take a while to say goodbye on the phone. Like for seven seconds they just repeat themselves, for some reason I still haven’t found out until this day. On top of that, sometimes they say “Hoi” which means hi, when they want to see bye.

If you had to choose a favourite city, Zurich or Basel?

Oh, that is a very hard question. I love Basel but I live close to Zurich so Zurich.

How do you see more of Charles?

Come see him open our premier show "The Big Comedy Kiss with Helen Bauer" on the 23rd March in Zurich.

Helen and the other comedians from the show
The Big Comedy Kiss with Helen Bauer

Can't make it?

Check him out here on TikTok or find further shows via his website.

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