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Wedding Ceremonies

Are you non-religious and want something different? 


Could a comedian be funny, heartfelt and at the right moments serious? For sure we can!

Groom talking to wedding speaker

We'll need  a good briefing

We'll have a chat about who you are, what you want and how we think it can be achieved.


Plus we'll indulge in the stories of how you met and how your love developed to create material for the ceremony opening.

We'll open the ceremony

"Welcome everyone to this special day, now let's gently poke fun at you all"

"Did you head how the lovely couple met? This will put a smile on your face"

Wedding speaker introducing the lucky couple
Guests laughing at wedding speech

We'll all have a good laugh

Laughter is an amazing way to inject energy into a ceremony. We'll gently tease with the aim that everyone has a good time.


Plus we'll manage the whole ceremony, keeping time and inviting your designated guests to add their artistic contributions as you desire.

If you’re looking to start planning your next celebration, you’ve come to the right place. I’m happy to work with you and ensure that your event is everything you’ve imagined. With the following services I offer, you can put your mind at ease knowing that every last detail has been taken care of. After a good briefing, where we'll chat about your hopes and dreams for the day, how you met and how your love developed, plus your ideas and philosophies around marriage, I'll begin to draft introductory speech for the wedding day., Following that I'll create a ceremony. Both of which you are free to see and request changes to. But maybe you just prefer for it to be a surprise and to give the role to a family member instead? Regardless, by the time the weddind day arrives we'll be prepared to ensure you have a beautiful, romantic and funny day.

Then things will get heartfelt and serious

Together we'll have drafted a ceremony that suits your vision and beliefs.

I'm quite the romantic and am passionate about creating healthy relationships, so I'll happily involve myself in helping you create your perfect ceremony. 

Let me inject fun and laughter into your event with a ceremony full of humour that your guests will love. Your guests will never have had a similar experience and you will have a day that you will remember a good way that is! I personally love the role of wedding speaker and I'll inject my enthusiasm, care and passion for healthy relationships into your wedding day.  Contact me today.

Wedding ceremony taking place
The newly wedded couple steps out of the venue as husband and wife
Then you'll step out into the world as a married couple 

Having had a ceremony to remember!

I take my combined roles as a wedding speaker and comedian very seriously. 

After my own marriage ended I dived into relationship psychology trying to learn all I could about how to have a long and happy marriage. I learned a great deal, culminating in me experiencing the healthiest relationship I could ever imagine. In a further step I've began organising trainings in conscious relationships. And finally I'm excited to use all this knowledge to help you as your ceremony speaker to craft the most beautiful wedding ceremonies possible. Love and stand-up comedy together in one! 

  • Who leads the ceremonies?
    That's me, Shane Norton, the host of Comedy Kiss. You may know me from all the comedy shows that I organise and host. In this context I'm very good at setting the scene for the evening, warming up the audience and teasing them about their careers, home cultures and hobbies. I've been married and divorced. And I was incredibly proud of being married and incredibly heart broken by the ending of it. It was enough to set me off on a journey to learn more about love and relationships. This led me to explore relationship psychology, tantra and alternative relationship forms in search of the keys to the healthiest relationship possible. It has culminated in being in the most loving and healthy relationship of my life and me stepping into the role of organiser for an internationally renowned conscious relationship and conscious sexuality school (more coming soon). For you I take my role seriously as both a comedian and a wedding speaker. I'll soak up all your stories of how you met and how your love developed to create material for the ceremony opening. Then we'll share and exchange hope, dreams and philosophies around marriage and love and I'll entwine these into your ceremony. In regards to languages spoken, I'm British, so I probably speak English better than you do and I also speak very fluent and surprisingly good German. And before you ask, no I'm not religious and I never have been. I hold the belief that neither I nor anyone else knows the truth about life. That means, I neither need to prove my way is right nor prove anybody else's way is wrong and that leaves me open to benefit from all the things I find interesting and useful in other views of the world. So if you want a hindu, islamic, shamanic wedding led by a comedian, why not!?!
  • Does this replace the civil ceremony?
    No! The official legal part of every marriage in Switzerland must take place at an official civil register office venue. What we do together is the ceremony for friends and family.
  • What are the costs involved?
    Prices start at CHF 1500. With further expenses required for lengthy travel from my base in Zurich. What you'll get for this in preparation is: - a 90 minute meeting to discuss who you are, what you want and how we can arrange it for you - a draft speech welcoming the guests and introducing the lucky couple. Includes up to two revision and feedback rounds - a draft ceremony and up to two revision and feedback rounds - A final 30 minute online meeting as a final check-in a week before the ceremony What you'll get for this on the day is: - Me opening the event with an entertaining speech welcoming the guests and introducing the lucky couple - Me leading the proceedings, managing the clock and inviting designated guests to make their artistic contributions - Me leading the marriage ceremony, including the exchanging of vows, the rings and the I dos.


Thanks for submitting - speak soon!

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