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A Happy Comedy audience at as open mic comedy show in Zurich
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Comedy Kiss, the most amazing english stand-up comedy shows in Zurich and Basel

Step into the spotlight with Comedy Kiss in Zurich and Basel!  

With opportunities for beginners and seasoned pros.

Bringing more laughter to Switzerland

Dive into the heart of Switzerland's burgeoning comedy scene! The Comedy Kiss Open Mic nights are the perfect platform for comedy to flourish, welcoming voices from every corner of the comedy spectrum – from beginners to seasoned pros. Join a show in either Zurich or Basel to have a go at bringing more laughter to Switzerland.

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Step into the spotlight with Comedy Kiss in Zurich and Basel! 
Our English Open Mics on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Zurich, and one Tuesday a month in Basel, are the perfect chill spot to try your hand at comedy. We keep the atmosphere welcoming and inclusive, making sure everyone from newbies to comedy vets feels comfortable at our stage. 
Got a few funny jokes or a great bit itching to be heard? Come by Comedy Kiss and let’s laugh together.

Bronwyn Sweeney onstage at Comedy Kiss in Zurich

Professional comedians

Want to perform at Comedy Kiss or to bring your tour show to Switzerland?

We have two basic promises we make our audiences. All our headliners are ★★★★★ reviewed and have TV credits. If that's not you, there are still opportunities for you to open a show infront of one of our headliners.

What to do?

Simply write to with a video, a bio and when you'e looking to come to Switzerland and we'll see how we can support you.

First timers and open mic-ers

Open mics are how new comedians start and experienced ones test new ideas. 

Request a spot!

A spot is 5 minutes of stage time at one of our open mics. All you need to do to get one is to fill one of our forms below.

After signing up, you'll get added to a WhatsApp group where the lineup for the night will be decided. Don't stress, this doesn't happen until the weekend before the show.

Applying for a spot doesn’t mean getting a spot.

We prioritize first timers, traveling comedians and experienced comics, in this order.


There are plenty of spots (20 per week) so you very likely get to perform with us at least once a week.

If you are doing it for the first time we highly recommend reading our blog, we have plently of helpful tips there.

Auer & Co ready for Comedy

Upcoming Open Mic Nights

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Tel: 078 647 66 25

As Zurich's number one english stand up comedy club, we host more english comedy in Zurich than anyone else. Want english comedy in zurich? Then comedy kiss is your comedy club.

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